Tuesday, December 07, 2010

"A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval."~ M. Twain

I am so very blessed. Mine is a life of ease compared to most. Even here where I live under “austure” conditions. Well, it does suck quite a bit in the evening. The heater for the tent broke about 5 days ago. Not normally a big deal, but when the temp outside drops to 0 every night and there is nothing but a tent wall between you and the outside, it gets nippy. The fantastic part is that I don’t really mind at night once I get into bed. I am so very warm. Snug as a bug in a rug if you will. I just burrow down under a massive stack of blankets and am fine. I learned my lession early that having blankets on the top of you is fine, but when sleeping on a cot, you need some bottom insulation as well.
The hardest part is before you go to bed, when its cold and you just want to climb into bed to be warm, but its 6 at night and you don’t really want to go to sleep that early. Enter the “happy suit”; imagine if you will a tall brown stay-puff masrshmellow man. I was fortunate enough to rate a cold weather suit and I broke it out last night and fully understand why its common name is the happy suit. I was damn happy to have it on. Puffy jacket = very nice.
I had a guy come in the other day, local guy, and well, he has a rash on his dick. There are a few nasty things that come to mind when thinking of penis rashes, so I try a few treatments, but nothing seems to be working. Its just not a normal rash that one would see on the penis, not that I am a penis rash expert, but I have seen my fair share of diseased penises.
I was stuck for a while and not sure what was happening with the guy’s penis. Then his brother shows up with the exact same rash on HIS penis. Now I am intrigued. Clearly both brothers are putting their respective penises somewhere they should not, and it’s the same place. Interesting. So I ask them about what they may have been sharing. It’s a goat. Who knew that you could get some horrific penial rash from fucking a goat, but evidentally you can. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.


t. said...

It's almost too funny to be a horrible truth.
1: is the goat okay?!?!
2: was it awkward when you broke the news? You know, I'm sure the goat told each one that she loved him more than the other. I bet she even promised to leave one and run away with the other - to each of them. That shit hurts. As if vying for parental attention wasn't enough, now there are goat rivalry issues. And that paternity test to determine child support... Kid support... Is it hard to distinguish brothers in a paternity test?...