Friday, December 10, 2010

एंडलेस राम्ब्लिंग.

Is healthcare truly a right? I am not sure. To some people it must be. They feel that they have a right to be seen for anything. We have many civilians who do work here. Some, I am not sure what they do, but they all do jobs. Most civilians come out here with a LOA (letter of agreement) basically it says what the gov will provide for them. Mostly chowhall, laundry, space-a flights, and medical.
Every US citizen here has access to “Life, limb, or eyesite” care. Meaning that if you get blown up, we will sustain your life. Most are not authorized Primary Care or sick call stuff. Here is where it gets sticky. Their companies charge the gov so very much for the civilian “expertise” and charge the gov to provide for the individual, but then the company turns right around and sends a guy out here with no/limmited access to medical care, they pocket the money that they charge the government to provide health care for the individual, and leave the individual alone out here with only the life/limb/sight care.
So now the civilian comes in to see me because he sprained his ankle or has a headache. What am I supposed to do? I don’t want to turn a guy away, but if I see him, I keep feeding into the system that allows for continued frauding of the gov. Their companies do not pay into my clinic, they don’t pay for our pharmacy or lab supplies. They just mooch off the government.
Here is the really sneaky part. If the civilian does not like the care he gets or gets turned away because he is not in risk of loosing his life, he goes and complains to his boss who complains to his boss who complains to our boss who bitches us out that we are turning accutly sick people away. It’s a viscous cycle. The same people that authorized the civilian to be here without access to medical care are the ones in power who can force patients on the clinic.
I don’t think its right to leave a person to bleed out and die in the dirt when you can do something to try and save him or her. That seems like the human thing to do. Lets just try and help eachother. I don’t even mind providing every one with some cold medicine, but what I do mind is you stealing from my pocket and every one else’s pocket when you fraud The Man and take our tax dollars. If you want into the system then pay up like every one else.
I am bothered by the idea that health care should be free and given to everyone. If you want it, then pay for it, work for it, earn it, do something. The other side of that coin is that free care does not mean that you get what you want. It means that you get what you “need”. That will be a major adjustment for the American people. We are so spoiled and selfish. People have gotten so used to the idea that they will get a million dollar work up for everything that is wrong. They may not need that. Just like the contractor here may not need medicines for their ear ache.


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