Wednesday, May 05, 2010

What do you trust?

Our money says that we trust god. I honestly dont know what I truly trust in absolutely. Its a scale, I trust some people with my heart and everything that I am, others, I choose to keep at an arm's length out of fear. I trust that my breaks will work when I get into my car, I dont trust the rest of the drivers out on the road.

We are forced into trusting different people at different times. We trust the mechanic when he says that our car needs a new flux capacitor, we trust the doctor when she says we have a disease and need a pill to make it all better. All of us are relied upon at different times and for different things it does not matter who you are or what you do, someone is seeking for something from you and trusting your judgement in the answer.

We are all human and when we fail in that trust given to us, we hurt others. It may be for very valid reasons, but the hurt is done and can not be un-done. We need grace for those who fail our trust and we need to be diligent in the trust given to us.

I wish that we as a species could focus on the love of life. I know that I tend to focus way more on those things that have hurt me. I try and justify my feelings but the real reason is that I felt hurt and need revenge. I fear that hurt. I dont want to be hurt. But I also know that we dont feel the true love of another person till you have trusted, opened and loved. The hardest thing in life is to be loved. Is to accept that love that you know you dont deserve, and just accept it. Not deserve it, but accept it.



t. said...

i don't trust very well. it's bad sometimes, i know. but i must say that at some points in my life, it has kept me very safe - emotionally. and i don't think i could give that up just yet.