Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Two bucks.

I got home this afternoon and was going to take the dingo for a walk, then meet up with Katie. Well, a little nap sounded good so I slept for two hours. I woke up and I realized that I was in the middle of this really crazy dream.

I think I was in Alaska. I think I was in a school of sorts. And there was a big huge bear outside that was trying to eat a kid and threw the kid into the building via a small window. Well, then the big huge grizzly bear was coming through the small window, and there were several people standing with me at the front desk, so I ran down the hall and threw 8 quarters at the bear because clearly if you make enough noise it will scare the bear away. That did not work and the bear was trying to bite the kid, so I grabbed him by his backpack and pulled him down the hall to safety.

I realized that I had to make more noise to scare the bear off, and so I went back and walked past the door to the room with the huge bear in the small window making sounds like a chicken and flapping my arms like in the chicken dance.

That did not seem to work, so I went back by pretending that I was a cat and hissed at the bear. That did not work.

So, I went by again, this time making slow up and down flapping arms and caww-ing like a crow. Clearly this worked, and then I woke up.



Jenny said..., i love it! Next time I am chased by a bear I will definitely remember to flap my arms like a crow.