Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where in the world is M@?

Good lord, I know some of you have heard it before, but I am really honestly heading to another country in a few short weeks. Well, in a few weeks I will leave my little island to head back to the mainland and join up with a Marine unit that needs a few good men.

I will be providing medical support to several hundred Marines as well as evacuating wounded casualties. It brings up a knot in my throat to just think about it. I am filled with the anticipation of something great and dangerous so very near in my future. Yes, I have been preparing for this for months now, I knew it would happen, but its formal now. There is relief in the formality of it, the stupid paperwork, getting things signed and stamped, getting shots and stabs from half the hospital. Saying good byes and trying to find places to store things. Not buying more food because of the need to eat up everything in the fridge.

I am not the first to undertake this task, nor will I be the last. I enter it with my eyes open and my heart full. I hope to do my duty and serve the men that I have been assigned to with every ounce of my strength. I hope to bring them all home.