Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Some nights I come home and I find the most amazing back yard ever. I know I know, that’s a bold statement, but I stand by it.

Its an amazing view that I don’t even want to take a picture of. I fear that the picture will not do the view justice, so I don’t even dare to take the picture. I will try and relay in words because that seems to be the only way to truly relay the beauty of the moment.

As I walked into my yard, my one eyed rescue dog was there to great me with a joy so great that he had to pee on the ground. Its not every night a guy gets to come home to something so happy to see him that it urinates on the floor.

But the view once I got into my yard just made me sit on the ground and absorb the beauty. The moon was rising over the pacific ocean, the waves were crashing out on the coral reef and the lagoon bay behind my house was full of a reflected moon light that was so bright that I felt like I was looking out into a solid pool of diamonds. The light reflected off the small waves of the lagoon and each one seemed to reflect the moon a little more than the next one over. On-top of this, the clouds were pulling back and the sky was light up by thousands of stars. The stars were so bright that I could see reflections of them on the water. I sat on the cliff overlooking the bay and just absorbed the moment.

I have often dreamed of being a cast-away on an island in the middle of the ocean. Not for the island but because once you are a cast away, adventure is certain to follow. I am reminded of the movie Joe VS the Volcano. There was a scene in the movie that had Tom Hanks floating on a raft of luggage as the moon rises over the ocean. I know its fake movie stuff, but I felt like I was living that moment. Sure my island is a little more stable than a raft of luggage, but the beauty of that moment pierced my heart. Its not every day that you get to just feel that power of something so big and beautiful.