Thursday, February 04, 2010

Holding pattern.

I dont know what I am doing, nor where I am going, nor when I will get there. In short, I dont know much of anything.

I am currently living and working in LA. I get to work at general hospital, yes the same one from the soap opera. Yesterday for example, I saw 4 different men who got shot in different places. As a highlight, one of the other Docs that I work with found a cool section of our x-ray reading program that was titled "Interesting Cases". So it being some time in the early morning, we proceed to spend the next hour not looking after patients, but looking at interesting xrays and ct scans. Some of my favorite are the mobile bullet that shows a small caliber bullet in the RU quadrant of the abdomen, then 4 hours later, in the mid-left, then back to the right. So, we are feeling that it is most likely in the intestines and that it is traveling around the GI system. So clearly a job for the med students, they get to collect and examen all of his poo for the next few days to see if he passes a 9mm bullet. Interesting.

The man with the object in the rectum that he "fell" on. That was a good xray (it was starting to make the turn around third base going the wrong way).

Sorted random collection of different head CTs. Had a patient that came in with altered mental stat and well, when I got to look at the CT, the midline was shifted so far that it had filled one ventricle with blood and the other was damn near closed. Huge bleed. Died. Seems to happen to a lot of people here.

Last night some of the corpsmen were making a coffee run down to the 24 hour doughnut shop, and they saw a guy get hit by a van, so they got to make a little field work. Good on them.

After here, I dont know where I am going, or when I will be back. I have a plane ticket back to island, and they have not told me yet to go somewhere else, so I guess I am heading back to my island. That will be nice. I miss my puppy, my hammock, and my coconut trees.

I have put on several pounds due to the fabulous mexican food here. One of the things that I miss about Hillsborito. OK, back to more hours of class, then more ER tonight. Starting trauma call day after. That should be fun.

Peace out.