Friday, February 05, 2010

"she could tell right away that I was bad to the bone"

Had a very unfortunate person come in to see me last night. Just working the cash register at the mini mart and got shot in the head for his trouble. Lucky or not, the bullet was either not big enough or fast enough to punch through the skull, so it grazed off and just took off a bunch of the back of the skin. It also ended up with a big huge bleed in the middle of his brain. Bummer because there is no hole and the brain was swelling to beat the band.

The brain was starting to be pushed out through the spine, never a good thing. So we have neurosurgery come eval. They decide to put a little hole in the skull to relieve some of the pressure. Not a bad idea. But the guy running the show had the worst way with words.

First: activly drilling into the skull and he turns to his partner and says "Bob, is this normal for it to get hard like this?". Not comforting words to hear from the man with a drill in your skull. Just saying.

Second: As he finally makes it through the skull and sinks the drill bit to the shaft. "Ops" Again, not something you want to hear from anybody doing work on your car, your tv, or your brain.

Caution given, dont use those words. Noted.



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