Sunday, December 06, 2009

All I have to say about that is "asphinctersayswhat". ~ Wayne

"Peanut butter cups here I come"

This from the man who until 4 days ago was on insulin and dialysis. Now he has someone else's kidney and pancreas. This frees him up to eat peanut buttercups. Weird. I would think that being forced into mechanical means of prolonging your life would make you think something along the line of "Perhaps I should care for this gift that just a few hours ago was someone else's body". No, first thought is about peanut buttercups.

I am in a place to observe free healthcare. I see what happens on a daily basis in my ecosystem. When I was a student, I saw people who didn't check their blood sugar because they didn't have the money to buy enough strips. Thats not a "barrier" to care where I work. You want strips, BAM, done, pick them up at the pharmacy. Oh, your meter is not accurate, hell, let me put that in and BAM, you get a brand new one. No co-pay, nothing other than the inconvenience of having to wait in a line.

So in a system where you get free medical care, free medical supplies, and a nice air conditioned room to wait in. Your diabetes should be in top shape right?

Incorrect sir.

Why am I pleading with you to take your insulin? Why am I pleading with you to check your sugar? I refuse to get lost in your self destructive behavior. Go home, eat your spam, smoke your "couple packs a day", dont check your blood sugar because it hurt your finger, its your life.

No, I am not bitter already. Just frustrated. Frustrated that I can spend so much time on this and it wont make a difference a few weeks from now.