Monday, August 17, 2009

Where to go now?

Here I am sitting in school, on the floor that I came to back in November of 2006. I came here then to interview for a seat in the class of 2009. I came here bright eyed and bushy tailed. I remember that I was listening to Blue October’s new CD Foiled on the way up here. I remember that Al called me and said some really super encouraging things as I was walking into the school.

I remember that I was wearing my nice new navy blue suit, light blue textured shirt and a tie with some subtle purple accents. I was quite proud of my get up. I had pondered for hours what kind of shirt and tie to wear. I wanted it to be subtle, yet powerful. I did not want to wear a white shirt and red tie. I wanted color; I wanted to be almost edgy, but not crazy.

I remember showing up so early that there was no one else around at all. I remember having to walk and walk and walk because I could not stand still. I came inside and met several other people all nervous and anxious to start this thing off. We met on the second floor and were all having juice and some sort of bread things. I remember going to the bathroom on the second floor and using the urinal.

Here at school, the person who designed the men’s bathroom was evil and sneaky. This evil genius made all the urinals at such an angle that no matter how you pee in the thing it splashes out towards you. Well, I did not know about this mastermind’s evil plot so of course now there was pee all over my nice new dress shoes. I was mortified. I was scared that someone saw me cleaning off my shoes in the restroom.

Despite my poor performance in the men’s room I made it into school. Now I sit here all graduated and working on getting ready to take the board exam. I had to use the bathroom on the second floor and to my own shock and horror, I managed to splash some pee on my feet yet again.

So, two plus years of school, 100 thousand plus spent. I am not that much smarter and I still get pis on my feet.



Minister of the Masochistic Truth said...

This speaks volumes!

Jenny said...

lol! I finally have one reason to not be jealous that you guys get to pee standing up!

Minister of the Masochistic Truth said...

It's not so easy when I'm wearing my kilt, so I empathize with the plight of wearing a frock!