Friday, July 10, 2009

“The function of muscle is to pull and not to push, except in the case of the genitals and the tongue.” da Vinci

You would think that after cramming as much writing in as I could the last few days that writing would be the last thing that I would do when I had a free moment, but no. I have been cramming on my paper the last few days because I knew that I had the earliest appointment with the writing lady. I was supposed to have my rough draft done even before our outline is due online.

I got to school all early and stuff today so that I could push out a couple more pages, well, somehow there was a mix up and my appointment turned out to not be at 1 this afternoon, but at 9 AM. Well, that makes for a crappy paper when you are trying to read a rough draft and the paper is full of half thoughts and broken ideas. Ugh. That was a bit embarrassing.

Perhaps this is freeing because its something that I want to just blabber on about and I am really not concerned what any of you think of my spelling or comma use. There is freedom for me in the abuse of words and the written language. I even decided somewhere along the line that I am not going to indent my paragraphs. I just add an extra line break, for some reason I like it. I did not see it somewhere and think “ok, that looks nice” it just sorta happened. I know when I am writing a “real” paper because I have to go back and take out the extra line and tab in all the paragraphs before I turn it in.

The ability to transfer an emotion via words on a page is a powerful thing. It did not take long for the writing woman to pick up on a fairly negative vib in my paper that is more than a little critical of the current medical treatment that is offered in the ICUs today. For the faithful EJ readers, you know of the fun that I had in the ICU and my feelings about it. Its good to blurt those emotions out again. They are less raw now, a bit more refined, they have marinated in my brain for several months now.

I may bilge some more thoughts on the evil that is the ICU in a bit, but not for now. I just got back from a good ole 6 mile run from base camp and my mind is sharp. I need to focus that and use it to push more on this paper. It too will soon be history and I will take another step in the direction of graduation and life after that.