Thursday, June 04, 2009

Why I hate the man

I got SUPER pissed at The Man today. I was at the NCO club on base here and just chill'n using the free internet computers. Some lady comes in and tells me that I have to move my bicycle. The base commander drove by and did not like that there was a bike locked up to the light pole out front of the club.

The stupid thing is that there is NOWHERE else to lock up the bike, its not like there was a bike rack and I was just being a dick and parking my bike wherever I want to. So I ask "where would you like me to move it to?" Answer: "I dont know, there are not any bike racks here, you just cant park it there." Stupid ass. I hate them all now. Grrrrrrrr.

Some days I hate the system. Ok, MOST days I hate it. But I also hate that I give into it so easaly. Sure I bitched and moaned about it, but what did I do in the end? Move my bike with my fat ass on it right away from there. They are holding all the keys and they know it. So what if I dont want to go there and get their stupid 1.60$ beer which is the greatest joy in my day. Who looses??? For sure not them. Its one of the biggest things about fighting the system. I usually dont want to do what they want me to do, but if I dont do it, what do I do insted??? They have a courner on the market of things to do, it IS a military base and they sorta own everything.

I am such an odd mix. I love the conformity of the military. But in the same way, I HATE it and have to fight it. Its like being in prision. I have to fight in little ways that are just bairly outside the "correct" way of doing things. If they say that your hair has to be less than 1" long. I will go through a lot of effort to make sure that my hair is 1.25" long. Just so that it is a wee bit long, but close. Its almost as if I need the system so that I can fight against it.

I dont know what that means.



Carrie said...

reminds me of a show on tv right now where the ladies steals creamer to get even with the company. I laugh every time. Though I hope you can find peace in where you are, somehow.

lots of love my friend!