Thursday, June 04, 2009

Just one foot infront of the other.

I went on a little bit of a hike this last weekend. It was FANTASTIC!!! Just to get out and to see the world more then 10 miles away from base camp. But I did rent a car for the adventures. I even got to swing on a vine across a ravine when I was running away from the five-OH. Ahh, good times on the island.
I have been wondering a lot today about what it means to work in America. I am deeply troubled by conflicting emotions and thoughts. I work in "Occupational Medicine" for this 6 weeks.
Let me get on my box for a moment, but this could be one of the most frustrating rotations EVER! My preceptor types at 12-14 words per minute. Well, I dont know that for sure, but he hits the space bar about 12-14 times per minute so I am going by that. The thing is that at that rate, it takes an awfully long time to try and type up a note. Grrr.
Well, my time is cut short by the CO of the base who evedently does not like where my bike is locked up, so I am going to leave now. Humm. Stupid rules.