Saturday, June 06, 2009


I got to hang out with one of the PAs that worked at a clinic that I was student-ing at a year ago. He and his wife are out on the island for a bit of a vacation. It was cool to just chat with him and catch up. Its different to talk with a guy who is the same age as I am, but is a few years ahead in the whole PA game.

I am starting to feel tired of being here. Perhaps its tired of what this place represents, I have to fight myself to keep my mind focused on this being work, that there will be time enough to play, but that is not today. Today is for the brain. Today is for the future. I am motivated to study, I need to harnes that and sharpen myself for the future. I dont know where this motivation came from but I need to use it up before I loose it and become a zombie again.