Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Whats in a name?

I decided this weekend that I want to change my title. One of the things that the military is great about is that everyone gets a cool title. When I was a mechanic. I was not a "mechanic" I was an areospace ground maintenance craftsman. I mean thats a cool title. But what does it really mean? It means that I was a mechanic.

I want to be a Community Health Care Activist. We all have some responsability to the community that we find ourselves in. I want to advocate for people to be healthy. I want to stop the polution of our people with poisons and junk. Not all of it, but like anything it just takes some moderation. I want to advocate for people to be healthy, to live healthy/happy lives, and then to die a good death.

It takes more than just working in an office a few hours a day and making a buck. I want to take this crap that I am hauling around in my brain and take it out to people who dont come in for health care.

Where did the idea that the sick must travel to us come from? When did this happen? Jeasus? Guess he did a little bit of going out and waiting for people to come in. But the idea is that we need to enguage with people in the home, talk to them about the food that they have. ADVOCATE for their health FROM THEMSELVES! We are killing our bodies. Somewhere along the line our food stopped being food and started becoming something else, a consumable. It can be eaten, but should it?

My new approach to telling people about food is this "Eat food, if you can dig it out of the ground or pick it off a tree, than its probably good to eat" Seems simple enough, but try it. Its harder than you would think.

I will take medicine to the people.
I will not make the people come to me.