Monday, May 25, 2009

What to say about all this fun in the sun out here in Hawaii? Part of me loves it. But another part of me does not enjoy living the island life when I am constantly made aware of my "otherness". Its just odd to think about being the only white guy in my house, or block for that matter. I have been pondering what it means to me. I was asked if it bothered me. Being the only white guy. I dont know that it bothered me. Its just not my normal state, I am normally surrounded by many people who look quite a bit like me. I dont look very Hawaiian. I dont speak hawaiian.

The difference was made very real to me yesterday when I was crusing on the bus to go down to a different side of the island and go snorkeling there. I was back among the whit/burned red people as soon as I made it downtown. There is a line. I cant see it, but I can feel it. There is such a difference between the "tourist" area, and the "local" area. I happen to live in the local area and am quite happy with that. But I am starting to feel the strain of living in a place where everyone is scraping by and looking for money.

The industry here is tourisum. Like it or not, I am a tourist. But I hate that I become a commodity. I become a mark to make a buck off of. I dont feel anger towards anyone particular, more anger against the system that sets these people up to have to survive leaching a living off the visitors to their home.

There are so many homeless people here. I got to chat with one a bit. He was saying that for most of the people, they choose to live on the beach and have a car. Others choose to have a home but no car. Both are so expensive here that it becomes a choice between the two.

I chose the room and bike option. Its great to be able to ride the island on my beach cruser. Good times.