Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My computer battery is quite dead, I get about 43 min off a full charge. Bummer.

I am working in cardiology now-a-days. Its quite a change from working in fam med or most any other place that I have rotated through so far. But I absolutely love it! I think that they get cool titles like “interventionist”. Granted that took them a heck of a long time to earn that title so I guess you should get a cool title after working so hard for it.

I got to poke a line into a guys femoral artery today. Cool. There was blood everywhere. I lost cool points for sure but the job got done. I think one of my favorite things is when someone asks you a question, you don’t know the answer so they explain it to you. Half an hour later your preceptor walks into the room and asks the very same question and you get to answer like you know what you are really doing. Ahhh, I love that feeling. I don’t even feel bad about it. Granted I give the appropriate wink to the CV tech who spilled the beans and actually told me the answer. Its our little secret.

I was passed out sick yesterday. Not really sure how that happened, but I blame the 72 year old guy with bronchitis that I saw last week. Ever walk into a room and just KNOW that whatever they have is going to attack your immune system? I was standing in the corner trying to breath through my coat just to try and keep his germs at bay. Bad form I know, but I just KNEW that he was going to get me sick. I am not sure which is worse. Old people germs or kido germs. They both seem to be big Petri dishes for interesting bugs.

I got home yesterday and went straight to bed wrapped up in a blanket and did not really wake up till 630 this morning. Ugh. I think its much better now. I probably was spewing virus all over the poor guy in the cath lab but hey, at least he has good arteries now. Or at least better then they were.

6 months. 6 Months.



Jenny said...

poor thing! It's horrible to feel that sick. Do you have to go to work anyway, no matter how sick you are? Get better quickly!

Andrea said...

Dude, that's tough! Hope you are feeling better. Don't you wish practitioners were allowed to wear those complimentary face masks???

There were days up in Madigan when I wished for a good laceration or UTI or low back pain instead of 10 hrs full of Nausea and vomiting and diarrhea Oh My.....