Saturday, April 04, 2009

RIP orange hat

I ran that whole rotation with one entry here. Sorry. It was a LOT of fun! I had some of the best experiences in Cardiology. I truly love it.

I have been back in Oregon for the past week attending a professional seminar. It was actually much better then I thought it was going to be. I am actually not even upset about the huge waste of time and money to fly back here. I did get really sick the first part of the week and have actually lost 10 pounds over the week which is scary that I could get down that quickly. I feel that I might even classify that as an "unexpected recent weight change" on my review of systems. I want to thank those who got me some ginger ale and generally took good care of me. I apologize to those whom I may have infected with whatever plague this is.

I am struck by how quickly this bug took me down. The thing that struck me more then how badly it hit me was how badly this might impact someone who did not have an extra ten pounds to loose. There are just so many people who live life on the fragile edge of health where the drastic loss of a weeks worth of food might really hurt someone. Again, I am stuck in a constant struggle with living my life, yet living life in the world. How do I engage the world?

Perhaps it is that I feel the end of this phase of formal school drawing to a close. Soon I will be called on to apply this vast sum of knowledge that I have been accumulating. I will be heading out to a small island in the south pacific to work for three years. I am excited to see what there is to see and I feel that in a way it is my journey. I will head off into the unknown. The adventure is around the corner. It is so near I can almost taste it.



Carrie said...

Your time was cut short Orange hat. I am sorry to see you go and I know that you will be missed.