Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Jesus, Joseph and Mary. These Hmong broads are like badgers. " Grand Torino

I walked up and down the beach a bit, the odd things are that the shells are very different on this side of the continant. I guess I am just firmilure with the ones that you would find on the West side of our island. The East side has odd things like horse shoe crabs and VERY thick shells. Could have been a bivalve of sorts, but the shell was a good 2-3 cm thick! Very odd, and I found the top part of conch-like shell, but again was a good 2 cm thick. I found an old washed up tire a mile or so from where I started my walk, so I decided that on the way back, I would take it with me and do my good turn for the day. So on the way back, I took the tire with me, and rolled it along the beach all the way back to where I started and there were some trash cans there, so I left it leaning against one of them. YEA for me!

I went to the local aquarium today. It was really stinking cool! I got to chat with the girl at the front desk who is a huge turtle fan (go figure she DOES work at an aquarium). But found out about joining a cool group of people that all work to help save the turtles during hatching season. I am going to join up and stand guard over a turtle nest!! How exciting!


EC said...

Perhaps the girl from the aquarium digs Turtle guys too.

Emergingjourney said...

One can only hope.

Anonymous said...
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