Friday, January 16, 2009

“It's high time you were shown/That you really don't know all there is to be known.” ~Dr. Seuss

Somehow it has become OK to dump your problems off onto someone else. Perhaps it has always happened and I just am ignorant. I admit that about every day I learn something that I just need to know more about, not that I know something or even that I am close to knowing something. Often I feel as though any sort of smarts I might have accumulated during academic school somehow leaked out of my head in a hard night of drinking and that I just dont remember that party.

But I got to deal with something else very new to me today. I wanted to be sad about it, but it really made me angry. A person left her mom in the hospital. Checked her in, she got admitted and then would not come pick her up. Unfortunately it does happen to people more often then not, I have seen the reports on how mentally ill people are given a taxi ride to the local shelter. It made me so mad at the time, but I felt the pain in a different way these last few days.

What do you do with a pleasant but demented woman who had a stroke and does not remember much except that the black man who drove her in the taxi really scared her. In fact all black people scare her, but in her words: "Its not that I have anything against black people... But..." Funny how that usually comes before an insult. Geeze. I dont even know where I was going with that rant.

But really, now this woman is admited to the floor because of masive diarrhia and UTI and a laundry list of other isues. But when we call her daughter to come pick her up when she is all better, the daughter says that she is not coming back, that she cant take care of her mom. I am reminded of the song line : "You dont have to go home, but you cant stay here". Thats really what I felt like. I was supposed to find a way to get rid of her. But where do I put her, she has no fam, her daughter wont take her back because she does not want to get shit on her nice white carpets! RRRRREALY? Thats why you dont want your own mother in the house? Because of your white carpet? Humm.

It took two days of calls to convince this woman to take back her own mother. If I ever do that to my parrents, someone shoot me.



Carrie said...

That is AWFUL