Saturday, November 22, 2008

Soup and Shoes

YEA!!! I got to get out of the area today! I went to a little island today, I hiked all around this cool little island that has wild ponies on it and a big light house and MILLIONS of birds! It was awesome! The odd thing is that if you are wondering around out here on the east coast, you find these little old piles of house/foundation things that are really really old, it got me thinking about how old our civilization is out on this side of the continent. Perhaps only in comparison to the west coast where we are still on our first generation of most buildings. This whole area is steeped in history, its quite remarkable that we have made it this far without killing off ourselves.

I also got to work in a soup kitchen this last friday, I worked extra hours earlier in the week to get the time off and go in on my own. I say "worked" but really, I walked around and filled up people's cups with milk. Actually, I loved it just because I got to wonder around and talk with people. Probably one of my favorite things, I got to meet people with broken bones and people who had wounds and heart surgeries. Its sorta funny, when the people find out that I am working at the hospital, I guess its natural for them to want to talk about medical issues. Everyone knows someone who was hurt, or had some surgery of sorts. So, bottom line is that it was just cool to feel really connected with some people that I had never met before. I also got to hang out with some of host fam's friends, who have now become my friends and we went to a cool little pub called the Salty Dog. LOVE THE NAME!!!



Andrea said...

great pics! glad you are enjoying yourself.

Carrie said...

I think maybe you need new shoes lol