Sunday, November 16, 2008

I do love the beach.

This is almost like working in a free health care system. I have spent the first week in the ER out here on the east coast. I am working in fast track, which is sorta ER light as one of the (former) professors would say. I get to see all the people who show up in the ER with a cold, or an ear ache, or back pain for the last three months.

Its hard, it makes me a little upset, I want to say to them: "Why are you in the ER? Do you realize that you are making really hurt/sick people wait much longer as I try and take care of you?" Who wants to come into the ER for back pain that has been sorta bugging you for three months? Well, I met him. This is an odd mix of ER medicine, but also odd family practice complaints.

BUT, on a great note, I get to go help in a soup kitchen this friday!!! I am so excited, two of my favorite things, helping people, and cooking all rolled into one. Does it get better then that?!

On a sad note, I am really not a fan of people acting like the election is still going on. Give up, its over. Lets just get back to life as normal, take down the signs, stop being mean to people.