Monday, November 10, 2008

The next step in the journey

So, I made it, but google maps did not account for hurricane force winds and several feet of snow in southern Wyoming and Nebraska that wrecked havoc on the road travelers. I had to divert down through Colorado to i-70 and then travel across the ENTIRE length of Kansas. Its a lot longer then I thought. And it is flat. Very flat. 3253mi. 66 hours start to finish. Average speed of 49.9 mi/hour. I smelled really bad by the end of the of it all. Some of the highlights. Its cold in Wyoming. Really cold. That first night the condensation froze to the inside of the windows and surfaces of the car. Good thing for 0 degree sleeping bags!! I was nice and tosty warm. I started my car from inside my sleeping bag to let it warm up before getting out of the bag. I stopped at the "Bobber Cafe" in Missouri, that was cool. And by cool I mean that was the first non-powerbar meal that I ate. So breakfast was good. I did not get the chicken fried steak. But there was a fine layer of cigarete dust on all the surfaces. I felt like I was in a bowling ally as a kid, where you see that permenent haze that covers everything.

The last day was a bit rough. I drove through West Virginia in the dark, that was sad, it looked like it was really pretty going though the appalachian mountains. But alas I wasted all the good sun light on Kansas. Why could I not have figgured that out better to not waste precous daylight on the flat state? Next time.

But I am here now. I am working in the ER and LOVING IT!!! Great group of guys that I work with and they really beleave in throughing me in the deep end. I said more then one silent thanks to Dr Bob and Baker for teaching me the basics so well.

Well, I get up at 0430 tomorrow to make the treck from the fabulous house of Rowan to the hospital. Much love to all you.