Sunday, November 23, 2008

What do you think?

So, I found this house out in the middle of the bay near the last island wildlife reserve. I was wondering down the "trail less used" and it ended at this place. I was COMPLETELY infatuated with it. Its a real honest to goodness house, but its 1/4 mile out into the bay. I should have found out more about it, but it was clearly not on the hand out map, and I dont think that I was near the normal trail that people tromp along in the park.

But my questions are this:
1. How much property tax do you think this guy had to pay?
2. HOW stinking cool is it to be able to live above the water in a nice little house?
3. There is a boat doc at the bottom, but what if your boat gets a leak? There is not really a path to the shore. Perhaps the old piers were a board walk of sorts at some time.



Carrie said...

I think, you would probably love it and still find ways to be social :)