Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Well, there have been several thoughts running around my brain the last few days. Not that I have any real solid factual realizations. But thoughts non-the-less.

I have been toying with the idea of joining up with the US Navy. Perhaps you might even say more than toying, I applied and got accepted for a scholarship program, I was holding out mostly because I was not sure that I would actually get it, but yep got the letter and all that jazz, so its really official now. The short skinny on it is that they will pay out of pocket for the next year of school and give me 2G a month to live on. So, that changes my debt outlook quite a bit. I did the numbers and taking into account the worst case the offer changes my debt from 115G to about 50G. So again not that bad a deal right? Of course they want three years of my life after I graduate, but hey, its not like I have anything else going on right?

The bummer part is that well, for the most part they have been out right telling non-truths the whole time that I was spinning up about this. Shocking I know, the military recruiters telling lies, hard to imagine. But it really took the wind out of my sail. I was quite excited to see where this road would take me, but the lies and non-truths scare the crap out of me.

But overall, I really LOVE being out here in the wild east side of Oregon, having grown up in Oregon, I never really spent an extended amount of time out here. For the most part, I have lived in the “wet side” of the state. But I seem to be drying out well enough and getting along with the people out here. There is such a great need for providers.

I went up to Wallowa Lake this last weekend, it was so much fun!