Friday, June 13, 2008

Stupid things I have said:

This is a work in progress of the stupid things that I have said to real people

1) Well, your BP is up, but its not quite a burr under my saddle

2) Well, I guess we need to fix that before milking time

3) I reck'n it could be worse if the tracker had rolled over you the third time

4) Well, lets go ahead and take care of that so we can get you back in the saddle

5) If we dont fix this, you are probably going to drop dead some day then who would feed the
cattle? (BP: 225/140ish)

6) Well, I am glad that you did not use your pocket knife to cut that out.

7) I know you need to go to change the irrigation, but I feel that its really important to run these tests. (said to a guy IN the ICU)

8) Well, you have been rode hard and put away wet

9) Your not quite a spring chicken anymore

10) Pt: "I feel like about the opposite of urine"
PA-s: "Yep, I imagine you feel about like something coming out of the south end of a north bound mule"

11) PA-S: "Well, unfortunately we are dicking with your brain chemicals with this drug so we need to tread carefully"