Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Well, I got to go to surgery yesterday. I was just supposed to watch a bowel resection, but they had an emergency appendectomy (appy for those in the know) that they had to do first, my preceptor did not want to have anything to do with it so was heading out, well, I jumped ships so to speak and went with the surgeon to help with the appy, so that was cool because I got to actually do a crap load of stuff. Really crap everywhere, the appendix burst so there was stool all over the inside of the abdomen. I was a retracting fool the whole time and ran the intestine did not really get to throw any stitches in the sutures, but did place and suture the drain. It was a Levenger Drain. Funny only because I was working with Dr. Levenger. You wont find it in any book anywhere. Its still cool.

Case two was a bowel resection, the lady had been constipated her whole life and was taking 10 doses of laxative per day just to go to the bathroom. We pulled out 7 feet of colon and left another 3 feet plus the sygmoid still in. I really wanted to hold it up and do the toxic megacolon pose where you are holding it up like a big fish, but they would not have any of that. Too bad.

I also got the great privileged of turning my first patient over to collections. Not sure how to feel about that.