Monday, April 24, 2006

the death of a friend

Two studs in tux, oh ya. So, I was the best man for my best bud’s wedding, it was one of the most interesting weekends in my life. I felt on one hand very alone, I was the only single person in the wedding party. I don’t know if it’s the whole wedding atmosphere that makes it all that much more obvious that I am single, or if it was all just in my head, but for sure, I have not been asked more about when I was getting married than the night of the wedding. The mother of the groom asked if I was engaged, not if I was seeing anyone, or dating anyone, but only if I was engaged, I thought that was odd. My stock response to the wedding question is just that I am not all that worried about it, that it will happen (probably) sooner or later. I just am not in that big a hurry to do this marriage thing. Perhaps out of fear, yes. I think that its funny that the bible talks about the whole if your virgin is “getting along in years” than you do good to marry her, and my thoughts about that are that well, I am “getting along in years”. Back in the day, I would only have about 10 years left till I was dead, that my life would be about 75% over. Still, I guess that I just fear this wedding thing, and all the stuff that goes along with it.

“ You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” Dr. Seuss


Traci said...

Who is that handsome stud on the left??

Anna said...

Hey you're alive! I think that "must get married" pressure from everyone is normal for friends' weddings. At least that's the standard feeling I get :) I really love the Dr. Seuss quotation. Right now. Where do you get all those great tidbits?

Emergingjourney said...

Stark, Matt Stark

Yes, I guess that I am still alive, sorta, I dont know how I feel about this whole "working" thing, but ya I will figgure it out. I find quotes that I like, but ya, just looking, and good ole google...

Patty said...

Nice photo & great quote. :)

There are 2 things people usually assume about me. 1-that I'm under 18. 2-that I have a boyfriend. Everyone is surprised when I tell them my age(which is 22 in May) & that I don't have a boyfriend, that I'm not engaged, married & don't have any kids. I don't worry about least not yet.

My mom has been trying to set up the 1 single guy at their church with different single women. He's very athletic(teaches gymnastics, I think), good looking, 30ish & has something to do with supporting the military somehow. Well, the other day my mom asks me if I'd like her to set me up with him. :O I thought she was joking. She wasn't. :)

This marriage topic makes me think of the movie-My Big Fat Greek Wedding. :)

Try not to worry too much about it-I'm sure you'll find someone amazing & everything will work out great. :) In the meantime, have FUN being single! :D