Tuesday, March 07, 2006


615 am wake up
630 showered, dressed, teeth brushed
drink some coffee, read a little about kidney transplants and grafting frog skin, eat oatmeal.
720 leave for school
800 Anthro class
1100 sitting in library trying to organize a stupid genetics presentation with 5 other busy students because our busy proff pushed the day of the presentation up two days. Between mass emails, trying to write part of my research paper about transplantation.
1227 get a phone call from friend I was SUPPOSED to meet for lunch at noon. Freak out, pack up five books(ya stupid research) one binder, a laptop and papers too many to number. RUN down all 6 flights of stairs because of course I am studying on the TOP floor of the library, RUN no Sprint like a mad man (happy because even after sprinting for ¼ mi, my heart recovered in like 5 steps of walking YEA!) over to MU to try and catch up with my friend, fail friend is already back into the computer lab, feel: angry, bitter, depressed, sad, angry, convicted, (this is like the third time that I have ditched him, I even was supposed to meet him and his wife for pizza one night and forgot about it till he called and I was at the beach, ops)
1240 Walk sullenly back over to the depressing place that is the library, stopping on the way to play with the new 15” mac book pro in the book store, feel convicted again for that.

Well, not bad, and the day is not even half over yet.


Anna said...

Busy guy! I'm impressed that you can run down those stairs. I'd fall on my face and you know it would make a fabulous clanngngngngngngng all up the stairwell and everyone nearby would cringe and think "ouch." 6 flights (actually, 5, unless you're a bulldozer) would only increase the probability. Hope all is well with you.

Emergingjourney said...

Correction, 4 floors (6th to second), 8 flights? (8 sets of stairs two per floor?), 101 steps. Had to run it two more times just to make sure.

Anna said...

Ohh yeah. Subtraction still works. And I looked up flight. It's "a series of stairs rising from one landing to another." So I guess it was 8 flights of stairs. You counted the steps? LOL How come there's an odd number?