Friday, July 08, 2005

One motivated man with a hammer

OK, so this is a monument to where I was at, who I am, and what/who got me here. I think that this pile of rubble is a grand marker for my life. I had a cool conversation with Rick a while ago, and I think that I need to post. We were walking down to the Sushi Ninja to get food, I know kinda an odd name, but hey it is 3rd street so take what you can get. One year before the date in question, I had made a journal entry, and in the margin had written in big bold letters, “Read me, 5/25/05” so when I came across it a few weeks before said date, I was excited to read it, excited to read what was so important that I wanted to remind myself of a year post event. The entry was not all that grand, it just said that I felt like I felt like there could be life with out Brooke. The cool thing is that I realized an important thing that day, but did not get it worked out all the way till Rick and I were sitting in the Sushi Ninja (yes I did just want to say the name again, I mean it just rolls off your tongue, Sushi NEENja) waiting for our food. The realization was simply that I had been giving Brooke to much credit for all the life and growth that happened around our breaking up. I was hurt by it no doubt, but there were so many other people and things that were happening to me all at the same time. I was so focused on the one thing that I felt the most, the thing that hurt, the bad thing, that I was not giving credit to my friends and fam that were building me up at the same time.

Another way of looking at it is that when B and I broke up, I was flooded with waves of intense emotions, about life, God, religion, all sorts of stuff. I attributed a lot of those emotions to the fact that this woman must have been the love of my life, when in reality, I was not giving the credit to some of the things and people that were and are a part of my growth and life. Just one more step in the process of living life.



The Fly said...

Good post.

Nice hammer.