Friday, July 08, 2005

lost puppy...

So, I was hanging out with my rebel group of guys from Mac Cov last night, it is a very interesting group of guys that get together once a week and we all sit out in Jared’s back yard, drink beer, eat food and talk about the bible and church and Mac Cov, and life. I guess that I call it my rebel group because there are just no holds barred, if you don’t like something, say it, the church will continue to be the church. I called it my subversive group last week, almost if fits a little better, it feels like we are planning a coup or something, we are not, but it seems almost dangerous to be sitting around drinking beer and asking the hard questions. So the point is that after the other guys left Jared and I were sitting around waiting for the fire to burn down, (something about having a fire makes it very rugged and manly, on the other hand having a fire for warmth in July seems a little wrong) we were talking about growth and life and stuff, he made the comment that I had changed a lot because of my tour of duty in the AF. Ya I could see that, the comment that caught me off guard was “Ya, you were a lost puppy, if you had gone to college, you would have gotten chewed up and spit out” it took me by surprise, almost brutal, but I just never really thought about where I was at before I left for the AF. I know that I grew up an awful lot those four years, but I just never took a good hard look at where I was. It is a good thing to have other people in your life, it is a good thing to have guys in your life that know you, know where you have been and know who you are. I am really lucky that Jared was around and saw who I was and can now see who I am. So thanks Jared, you have always been a role model for me.