Friday, August 27, 2004

what the "beep"

So there are really very few things so annoying as fire alarms, I would think that the companies would do research to find the most annoying frequency and volume to ensure that everyone would be driven out of the house. Well this morning at about 4:08 AM, my room fire alarm decided to start a beeping campaign. At first I was like: OK it will stop in a min…. When it did not it was at such an annoying interval that I could just start to get back asleep than “BEEP!” sleepy…”BEEP!” sleepy… “BEEP!” I decided that it was not going to go away, so I got up got my trusty flashlight and went out in the hall, no one else was having a problem, I was the only person awake. I went down to the basement, which in old houses is always the place that is the creepiest. Into the boiler room, where the main fire control panel is as we all know boiler rooms in old houses are the creepiest rooms in the basement. So I have worked my self up into a pretty good frenzy by now thinking that the house is burning down around me and I will never make it out of the basement alive. The fire panel says that everything is OK so I head back up stairs.
So now I am just pissed, and am looking for a phone number to call. I was thinking that if I have to be awake at 414 in the morning than someone else should be as well. I did not find a number so I just crawled into the next room over and slept in my blanket. When I woke up this morning, at first I did not remember any of this so I just knew that I was waking up not in my room. This is just never a good feeling, than somehow I had managed to wrap my self up like a burrito so when I tried to move my arms, no movement, which freaked me out more. So I am in a strange place and not able to move my arms, so this is really not OK with me, so I jump up, and as we all know this is a stupid thing to do when wrapped up like a burrito, because you just end up rolling around on the floor looking foolish. Good thing no one is awake at 6 am to see me looking the fool. So now I just get to tell you fine folks, and we all get a good giggle out of it.