Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Matt Stark Science guy VS. beauty

Ok new rant for the day. I am reading Brian McLaren “more ready than you realize”. He makes the point repeatedly about how our “modern” mind set is too set into logic and reason, how we have lost the attachment to beauty. I can not remember exactly not having the book directly in front of me so I might be going off on a random tangent that has nothing to do with the book; still it is a good thing to think about.
The feeling that I got was that modern thinking goes hand in hand with science; they are intertwined on a basic level. You can not have one with out the other. My problem is that I am a “science” person who can not stand to think “modern” in a religious sense. Where does that leave me?
I was journaling out some of this thinking over a great slice of pizza from American Dream mmmmmm. My entry goes: “ In the same way that I refuse to live a life with out dreams, I refuse to live a life of dispassion/ “normal” marrage. My life with or without a wife will be one full of passion and love and life and beauty. That last one sounds funny coming from me Mr. Science!!” So the prevailing thought is that science and logic kills beauty and passion right? At least that is what some people think. And some of those people just happen to be authors. I guess that partly it is true, I do not understand a lot of “ART” I can look at paintings and things and say wow that is cool. In the same way that I can look at a painting that looks like something I would have done in kindergarten, and say: this is “art”????
I just have to understand that for some people that is beautiful and I am OK with that. I just want the same level of understanding from people about science. There is great beauty in life and science. Thinking one way does not exclude the other.

“Biology is the study of life, what I ask you is more beautiful than life?”