Wednesday, August 25, 2004

dinner 4-2

Good intentions, I guess that if we followed through on all our good intentions than the world would be a grand place. The problem is the follow through. I have been feeling like I need to do something, that was a start, at least I identified that I was lacking and needed to do something to help people. I know that it sounds like a “Miss America” answer, I just want to solve world hunger. So full of BS. I want to feed people who are hungry, the problem is where to start. I wanted to start a soup kitchen last year at my house in Corvallis, but I ran into a problem of getting the kitchen sanitary enough to pass the health inspector than to keep that kitchen clean enough to keep passing it. I decided that given the people in the house this was a total impossibility. So I need a kitchen that is kept clean and not used by slobs.
Next I needed to get an actual license which cost about 1500 dollars, about half the cost of a commercial kitchen because we were a “benevolent” kitchen. As a college student getting together 1500 dollars is about impossible.
Well now something new has turned up last night, I am feeling like I have found a solution to my problems. How many times have we/I complained that all the church is used for is on Sunday morning for a couple hours the rest of the time it sits unused and almost vacant? Well we have a kitchen, it is clean, it will stay clean, and so if I can make some soup, we will have a “soup kitchen”. I know that it is a long way from solving world hunger, but I know that if one hungry guy shows up, and we can give him some hot dinner, than we have just solved the hunger in his world.
We are not called to be spectator Christians sitting on the side lines and shaking our head at the world as it tears itself apart. We are better people than that. Now is the time.

“Get busy living or get busy dieing”