Friday, December 17, 2010


I always thought that right and wrong were fairly solid. The more I am here, the more I see that that line is very murky. My wrong may not be your wrong. Yes, I still do believe in some very solid universal wrongs, but I also know that I am an emotional creature that can be swayed by events and circumstances.
Example: I think it’s the right thing to put everything I have into my job, to treat people regardless of who they are or what they have done. I am human, I fail at that ideal. There are some people that I do not like, that I have a hard time doing my best for because they are who they are. Its hard to have someone’s best interest at heart when they throw shit on you. I am not Christ, and I have a very hard time turning that cheek for another slap in the face. Don’t judge me till you walk that line.
Some people are bad, they will drive an 8 inch wooden shank into you for no reason other than to watch you bleed. They may even laugh at you as it happens. Part of me hates them, but part of me cries for them. That is what they find joy in? Killing and hurting. Don’t judge.
I find new things out about myself every day. I knew that this place would be a challenge, I just did not understand in what ways it would challenge me. Life is a collection of challenges and how you respond to those challenges.


t. said...

What brings you joy, or at least relief, at the end of a hard day?