Monday, December 27, 2010


What if this is it? I am really loving on the album Instant Karma. It was a fund raiser for Amnesty International. It’s a collection of Lennon songs sung by different artists. A new spin on some of the greatest songs ever written.

Its got me to thinking about life on this rock. There is question that keeps spinning in my head. People can be so cruel especially if they can justify it via a greater power. This attitude pervades our human race. I can kill, rape, or steal from this person because they are heathen, speak a different language, look different, sound different. We love to find excuses for our actions.

It’s the rare nut-job that just admits that he likes to kill. The rest decide to blame it on some wrong done against them. Excuses. We are such great makers of excuses. Rare is the person who just nuts up and accepts individual choices. We re-enforce this in our society. Excuses are rewarded.

Shut it and do your freaking job.

I decided that one of the major problems with this place is simply that there is no reprieve. There is no place or time that you can just walk away from it all and be still. That is one of my major complaints today. The work in and of itself is truly not that difficult. The difficulty comes with constant small pressures.

Its getting about that time where nerves and emotions are a little strained. People that might not bother you much even in a normal work environment start to bother you after 4 months of daily contact.

I have the ability to empathize with people. Its not a bad thing, but you can just pick up on how someone is feeling and share in that experience. Some times it’s a bad thing if you are around someone who exudes negative emotions all day long. Those negative emotions can build and sill over into my world. Now I am stuck with the residual of those negative emotions.

Some days this helps me because I am able to share the emotion of the person that I am talking with. Comes in handy given my job, but other times like now when you are surrounded by a shit storm it sucks.

I have found the retreat of music. It’s a beautiful thing to just put my head phones on and be in my world. Granted, I still have to come back to ground eventually, but it does offer the briefest of relief from the day.