Monday, January 05, 2009

"its funny what a young man recollects"

So, another new place, I thought I had gotten over being worried about new places/faces. But nope, got all the butterflies and everything on the way to work this morning. REALLY REALLY morning. I love early AM more then the next guy, but something about working on a Marine Camp makes you get up even earlier then normal. But the cool thing is that there are running trails and pull up bars EVERYWHERE. No kidding its actually really cool, perhaps I will get all buff this rotation (although I keep saying that EVERY rotation). I already lost a good 5 pounds of sideburns and hair to get back to some sorta “clean cut” look. It feels good to get back to high-speed-low-drag.

Marines are interesting critters, they spawn interesting things such as a store where you can get a tattoo, a haircut, and buy porn in the same store 24 hours a day. Who knew that you might really need to get a hair cut at 0430? Or get some ink done at 0513?

Marines seem to be herd animals, they travel in packs. They go get hair cuts together. Like an outing to get a burger and fries, but they just cut their short hair to super short hair. They are sorta like girls, except for going to the bathroom, they are going to the 24 hour barber shop.