Monday, September 29, 2008

"The thrill of the fall is part of the dance. I believe in the power of love."~ Cowboy Mouth

Ok, I can love medicine again. I remember now why I really wanted to do this whole PA thing. I got to see REAL LIVE PEOPLE TODAY!!! Even better then that, I got to see kids! So much fun! Even the poor 13 year old girl who looked like Violet off The Increadables. She had the one eye looking out from the crazy black hair. Its sorta EMO, but we got to chat about her taking rum on the buss and why she got suspended for that and why that might not be a good idea. Ahh, the drama of teen life. So glad I am not in that right now.

But for real, I forgot half the stuff that I learned in Baker, I was trying to write out a nice soap note and I realized that that chunk of my brain is a little dusty. It was actually really hard to remember how to get all that great stuff organized again into something like I thought it was when I left fam med. I realized that I had gotten all the way done with my EMO girl and forgotten to do a physical exam. Ahh, ups. That’s frustrating.

I feel a really cool connection with my new preceptor. Granted I got to work with him like a year ago and knew that I absolutely was JAZZED after working with him at the free clinic, but this hit on a lot of the same ideas. That I really do just “click” with him. AND he is WICKED smart and takes a lot of time to explain things to me in OG speed. Fires me up to WANT to go home and learn more about something cool that I got to see today. So that’s all good stuff.