Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Temper Tantrum

Wow, had a great experience today. I was doing my normal less then good job of being a student. Or perhaps I am just the greatest student EVER and do such a great job of being a student? (students in the medical world are not the sharpest tools in the shed)...

So, we were doing a hip replacement this morning and being the good student that I am, I wake up 3 hours before the surgery to get some extra time in at my "office" AKA the coffee shop downtown to read up on stuff that I should know. Goes great and I am feeling not so stupid, but I get to the OR and set the patent up in the room get sent out to scrub up and get back in. So off get the Darth Vador helmet thing and do the insta clean hand sani. Get back into the room and I made such a good impression on the doc from the next room that he came into our room and pulled me out of the room yelling the whole way that I was contaminating the whole room.

Ya, the bottom line is even if you do everything right according to the people that you are currently working for, there is someone somewhere that thinks that you are wrong. And some of those people will tell you that you are wrong and will punctuate sentences with face masks and scrub packs.

I never want to have surgery.

I am learning amazing things. But also really dont think that I am "enjoying" this rotation as much as the last one. I really do like to be able to talk to my patents, well some of them. Others I wish were asleep then I could just run away and not worry about them.

But I also found a new kind of patent today. I guess I have known about this kind of person but this is really different. Someone who really likes having surgery, they like having surgery done on them. I just dont know what to make of that. Met a woman who has had 27 surgeries done on her, really she did not even need the one we were doing on her today, but we did it non-the-less. Some parts of me thinks that this side of medicine is really far away from actually caring for the person. Granted, we need to rotate the tires and change the oil once in a while, but there is just such an un-human element to this aspect of medicine. I guess its the same thing that surgeons call the touchy feeling hippy love of Famly Medicine? Yes, I miss the touchy feely.

And what does this picture have to do with anything? nothing. I made it, it tasted good. I dont do anything fun now a days that I could take a picture of and put on here. That makes me sad, but the pizza tasted really good.


Jenny said...

woah, crazy, 27 surgeries. That is some kind of money to be able to do that.
Will you be able to get more of the good "touchy feely" side of medicine at your next rotation?