Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Its good to laugh right?

So, I got to work on a guy early monday morning who happens to look a WHOLE lot like Farva from Super Troopers. In fact this guy was a cop from the local smoky not the highway, but I will still cling to my thin allusion. (is that the correct word?) Perhaps not.

So, I got the txt that we were going to be doing a big case on mon AM so I even studied up early that morning, went to pre-round on the patient read the whole chart so I knew what had been worked up on him already. Felt sorta prepaired for the ineveatable questions that I would get pimped on. But It was a different feeling day, perhaps just because I had such a great weekend and got OUT of Potato town for a bit, got out into the wilderness and soaked in a hot springs, AND then got to peddle around a lake in a paddle boat. FUN!!! So I was feeling happy about the missery of being locked up in a little room for 8 hours doing a big case.

I am getting to know the scrubs and circulators now, at least by the scrub hats that they wear if only because the hat and the eyes are really the only thing that you can see that are even sorta different. I have a feeling that they feel sorry for me, they NEVER give me crap about anything, I guess that they see all the crap that MD gives me and decided that its not worth it to do anything else to me. Or perhaps its cool because it has now become an "US vs HER" deal. We all get yelled at a lot by surgeon so we sorta are in a support group for each other. God help you if you forget to pack her 8 holmans in the hip kit.

So we get big boy all placed in the room this is NOT a small cop, couple too many doughnuts me thinks. Surgeon starts shaving up the L side of the pelvic region. Asks me if I got a chance to look at the films for this guy and being a good student I had, so I asked her a question about what we were going to do to his R pelvis if his break was on the L. Silly. Honnestly I thought that she was going to do something on that side, its a ring after all and break one side perhaps you have to do someething to the other side, I dont know. Well, it turns out that she was working on the wrong side of the pelvis and was just really angry now because she was 15 min behind because of preping the wrong side. Silly me, now she was in a bad mood and was really angry the whole surgery. I tried my alternitive tactic and asked questions about what we were doing, mistake 2, she just ignores my questions and it makes her more grumpy. Sigh.

But the funny part was the guy kept farting the whole surgery. we would be working and he would just let a HUGE one rip. I kept blaming it on the scrub tech. That but it also kept giving me flashbacks to last weeks code brown on the OR table. Shudder... I hate shit.