Wednesday, September 17, 2008

“Change is inevitable growth is optional”. ~Rick

Ever just hit "the zone"? I may have this week. I managed to dodge my normal doc for 9 (NINE!!!!) days last week, saw her once in passing, but did not have to work with her or get yelled at by her.

I think that something changed in me during that week, or perhaps it was this weekend. I dont know for sure. What I do know is that I reached a new level of not caring about her at all. But the cool thing is that there is such freedom in that. Freedom in a good way. I did not think that I was trying to show her that I was a good student, that I was not a slacker that does not know anything, but perhaps I was. The change is that I just dont care now, but its such a freaking cool thing. I was walking down the hall of the hospital this week and I had a scrubs moment, I saw spine doc walking down the hall, he saw me and we did the walk by high five. Not really sure why we would do that, but hey it happened . I got to do a late trauma pelvic fracture tonight and just got out of it a moment ago. I got a "Wow Matt, that was the funniest thing you have said during your whole rotation with us" from normal surgeon. What did I say you might ask?:

Surgeon: "No, the report says that there is a foreign body in the medial thigh, but they are stupid, its just bone."
PA-S: "Well, cant bone be a foreign body?"
Surgeon: "NO, NO, NO. Bone is NEVER a foreign body."
PA-S: "Well, what if the guy is from France?"

So I guess I am just loosening up and being much more myself, I just like being me and dont like being put in situations that dont let me be me. I dont know why I was hiding it so much but I was. Probably because I was trying so hard to remember all the anatomy of whatever I was working on. Ya, perhaps. But that does not mean I like working for 18 hours a day.

Surgery can still suck it.


Jen B. said...

6 days of surgery left!!! That is only 66% of the time you have already dodged your surgeon, (not doctor) for!! KEEP THE STREAK ALIVE!!!

EC said...

I just have to ask, how the heck did you dodge her for 9 days in one week?


now I remember...some of my weeks in surgery felt nine days long.

Head up, sir.

Jenny said...

haha! Your france comment made me laugh out loud. Keep your head up, it's almost over. I can't wait to hear how you feel after you've come out the other side of this alive.