Thursday, September 25, 2008

The end.

Makes an interesting start to an entry, but ya its an end. The end of my surgery rotation was today. Cant say I am going to loose any sleep by not being in surgery. In fact, I may even get MORE sleep now. So that will make me happy. I left today from the hospital, got in my car, did not stop for gas, had everything already packed up and ready to roll out. Did not stop till I crossed the state line. Even then I did not feel like stopping, so I did not till I really had to stop to use the bathroom and go figure, where did that happen but baker, so I stopped by and said howdy to the clinic people from last sight and it was amazing saw a few patients that had seen me and they said HI and that they missed me. Does that say something about a patient that realizes that the student is gone for 6 weeks and automatically recognizes them when they roll back into town? I am sure it does and I think that I can spin it two different ways. Either I made a good impression on them, or they are frequent enough fliers that they know any change in the staffing.

So its nice to be back into baker pace. I got a super tasty milk shake and am going to go have dinner with baker PA and fam. Really nothing changed. I feel that I could show up for work tomorrow and fit right back in. Old shoe sorta comfortable.

Overall things that I learned from my last rotation:
1. I can do a lot of different “kinds” of PA job but its MUCH more important to find good people to work with rather then a specific kind of job.
2. Joint injections are actually really easy and do a lot of good for some people.
3. I don’t like being in the OR for 8 hours
4. Abuse has a lot of its effect from the person being abused. It draws its power from what you give it. You have the power to take away some of the power of abuse by denying your “victim” status.
5. Politics can make even nice people into jerks, and it can make mean people into something worse.
6. I really do like to sleep 6 or 8 hours a night, and if I can just sleep for 8 hours I can work the other 16, but I really don’t like 22 hour shifts, they make me grumpy.
7. I like the band Cowboy Mouth
8. I LOVE hotsprings...

The start


Jenny said...

"its MUCH more important to find good people to work with rather then a specific kind of job." me good pause for thought as I think about the future. If I can't seem to yet find a kind of job that I enjoy, perhaps it is enough to be with a good group of people that are passionate about similar things? hmm...must think about this.