Saturday, February 11, 2006

Just laugh about it

Today was a powerful day of emotions for me. The funny thing is that as I sit here and write about it, I feel like I am Doogie Howser from the TV show, perhaps it’s a little “before your time” for some of ya, wow, sad that I said that. He always wrote out his thoughts on a computer that looked like it should have been an apple 2c or something, white space age plastics, oh ya. OK, so anyway, I get to write about today on my (sorta, mine, but not really, because its borrowed long term from a friend) laptop. Sometimes I will get the ole “oh you look just like…” from people, its funny because when they tell me that, I get one of two people 1)Doogie Howser or 2) Randy Travis. I don’t know that I would have put myself into either category, but I guess they look somewhat simmular, so if I look like one, I could look like the other, but I don’t know that I really see the resemblance myself. The first year at OSU, I was walking down the street going home from chemistry and this guy on a bike rode by and just stared at me hard, like he just locked on and followed me with his eyes, this guy was one of the “homeless” people that live around OSU, and so of course he looked a little sketchy, long shaggy hair, long curly beard. I had seen him before, but never talked to him, but he looked at me so hard that I felt like he thought he knew me or something, as he gets even with me, he gets this huge grin on his face and yells out “Hey Doogie!!!” I responded with “yea, how ya doing” but he was gone, happy and smiling with his seeing some tv star or something.

Ok, so back to my emotional day, good things happened today, my car broke again and I don’t know exactly what to do to fix it, I finished my anthropology presentation for school, I found out that my 64 year old uncle is getting married in July and is insanely happy, I had a heart to heart with my dad something that has been sadly lacking of late mostly due to my lack of “time” to talk with him so it was good to feel him, to hear what he said, and to be heard for who I am, I ate a hot pastrami sandwich with provolone something that I would never get on my own, but it is THE sandwich that I get when I go to a sandwich place at home that my dad loves, so tradition rules, I ate fresh homemade rye bread that my dad made, and I made a decision and feel good about it. So, that’s a short list of amazingly good things that happened to me today, life is good.

If I am not allowed to laugh in heaven, I don't want to go there. ~ Martin Luther