Monday, February 13, 2006

Hope is a good thing.

I hope:

To someday leave Corvallis/OSU
To laugh without restraint
To eat tortilla soup with friends
To live life and life ABUNDANT!
To hear people’s heart and know them on a “real” level
To eat gummy bears without guilt
To love and be loved
To cry because it hurts
To laugh because it hurts
To live life with some kind of purpose
To not fear choice
To not chose something because of fear
That this is not as it was meant to be
That there is life outside the “walls” of this life
I will help
I will be helped
To enjoy my friends
To bring joy into a place that did not have it before

Some people say that I am a dreamer, I say that I hope.


Patty said...

Hey, it's a photo! Lovely.

Gummy bears!?! I haven't had those in forever!

I should really write something like this on my blog. I feel like copying you, but writing some of my own hopes. If I decide to do that would you mind? I would credit you, of course.

Anna said...

I would say that you are both, and you are already well on your way. Happy Valentine's day.

Emergingjourney said...

You can use the idea if you want, you dont have to cite me, it was just something that I thought about, and honnestly, I just kept thinking about the rest of the day, I was walking around and just kept thinking of new and different things that I hoped for, hope is a big thing for me, but in some odd way its really connected with fear.

Patty said...

Thanks. I already made a list of about 20 things. :) There's endless things we hope for & I know I'll come up with several I didn't think of only after I post mine. Fear...hmmm...I thought about listing things I'm afraid of a while back. I might do that as well sometime. I'm sure that list will make some people laugh. :)

You know? I was given some gummy bears the other night... :D

Friar Tuck said...

gotta love tortilla soup.