Sunday, November 27, 2005

the sliding scale of love

So, sitting at home this morning, not going to Sunday morning church and reading Lolita, I had a thought. The thought turned into an idea, than a long sting of thoughts and ideas. The thought is why do people feel that they must be right about religion? The idea that came out of it is: Does god love differently? People (Christians?) will try and convince you that something you are doing is wrong, they will play out the notion that what you are doing is hurting god, or that it does not “please” him. The problem is this, by saying that something does not please god, it implies that something else does please him, usually what the person talking to you does. So, god is more pleased with what the other person does than with what you are doing, so god loves them more? If god gives out that whole “all encompassing love (agape)” how can it be more for one person than for another person? It seems to be a driving force behind so much of what people do. So many of these people just want to do what god wants, not a bad goal, but it seems that when we put in this sliding scale of approval, it becomes twisted into something that serves the interest of whoever is doing the twisting. Something more diabolical than just withholding your love and affection, you are trying to convince someone else that god is withholding his love because you are not doing what the other person is doing.

"What power had I before I learned to yield? Shatter me Great Wind! I shall possess the field!" ~Richard Wilber


The Fly said...

I think the thing that you have to keep in mind, M@, is that people will try to do what they feel is pleasing to God, what they feel is orthodox, what they feel is right, because one's attitude, and the way one lives one's life, are things that people like to think will get them to heaven.

The truth, of course, is more complicated; what we do doesn't get us to heaven, or else we'd be able to work our way to heaven, and there would have been no need for the Atonement. However, there's still an emphasis on works, because a true conversion of the soul will result in a lifestyle conversion. So, if someone is closed-minded enough to think that enjoying a pint is enough to get you instantly banned from salvation, they get a little up tight.

You're absolutely right; God loves every man, woman, and child, even the ones who hate Him. He loves everyone equally, and wishes equally for communion with everyone. It's the shades of grey in the matrix that make it tricky and complex.