Monday, November 07, 2005

The question

What is a "Christian"?


Patty said...

A very good question!

I had a chance to go back and read through a lot of what you have written. Some things I agree with you(for example the pastor wanting to call himself a priest, that is not right), other things, I do not agree with you.

The dictionary definition of a Christian is: Professing belief in Jesus as Christ or following the religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus.

Here are 3 links that you can go to and read what they have to say. I hope they answer some of your questions.

I am a Christian because, I realized that I was a sinner, that the only way into Heaven was through Jesus. (Praying)I repented of my sins and asked(accepted) Jesus into my heart as my Lord and Savior.

Anna said...

Why do you ask, M@? Patty's dictionary definition is correct in that the societal definition of a Christian is a person who claims they are one. However, that doesn't always correlate with what he or she actually believes (though we can never really know). I would define a Christian as a person who believes with their heart and their mind that God exists, and that Jesus Christ, who is also God, is their only salvation. It would be nice to also say that a Christian is a person who attempts to love God and imitate Jesus, but not all of us have gotten there. Amazingly, faith alone is sufficient for the Lord.

Patty said...

True. Anyone can claim to be a Christian. That is true, you can not always tell for sure if they are a true believer. One of my aunts claims to have an "understanding" with Jesus, but she is very humanistic in her views(she seems to value knowledge more than one should). I have only faith to go on. Growing up in a Christian home, going to a Baptist church, I have been taught Biblical principles ever since I was little. I can only trust what I have read in the Bible(and I do. I tend to use the King James Study Bible, it helps me to understand things better). I know good works, knowledge, going to church, reading the Bible, being baptised, etc. can not get you to Heaven, only through Jesus Christ(Who is God also and the Holy Spirit). Baptism is done only as a public show of your changed life(after accepting Jesus into your heart/life). Yes, no one is perfect ever. I am far from perfect, I will never be perfect or even close, but I strive to be. A true Christian could be bad and still go to Heaven, a good non-Christian will not go to Heaven, but to Hell. A person can BELIEVE in God and or Jesus and still NOT be a Christian. You have to come to a point in your life where you realize you cannot get to Heaven without Jesus(He is the Truth and the Way). You know whatever YOU do can't get you there. You must accept Jesus' pardon of your sins. Repent of your sins, ask Him into your heart and establish a personal relationship with Him and trying to live as Jesus would, were He here now, using what we know from the Bible about Jesus' life here before His Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension. I am in a hurry writing this, so sorry if I wrote something wrong, I tryed to say everything I felt. If I said something wrong or left anything out, it is not on purpose. I am responding to what Anna had to say.

Patty said...

When I wrote: 'A person can BELIEVE in God and or Jesus and still NOT be a Christian,' what I think I meant was a person can believe that there is a God and believe that Jesus died on the cross and still not be a Christian. I think I wrote that wrong. Oh, and just because you're a Christian and you know you're going to Heaven, doesn't mean that you should do whatever you want, just because you know you're "safe" from going to Hell.