Saturday, October 29, 2005


Why drunks are loud: I don’t really get it. Drunks get louder, than they get stupid, or perhaps the other way around, they get stupid so than they get loud. When they are just quiet stupid, you don’t really notice, once they get loud than you notice how stupid the things that they are saying are. On one hand, I feel somewhat alone tonight, but its just odd, because in less than half an hour I am supposed to go to a monster party. Part of me wants to be a “part” of the group, I want to be somewhat social and have a good time, on the other hand, I want to be apart. Wow, are I not clever for that one?


Anna said...

I think maybe they become loud because everyone wants to be noticed at heart, but we know it's not always appropriate, or not worth it at the price one has to pay. When you're drunk you lose that sense of decorum, but you still want to be noticed. What other way than to be loose and loud? But personally I find Thursday nights to be lonelier than Saturday.

Emergingjourney said...

I guess that it is human nature to long for that kind of validation, to feel that you are loved and noticed, that someone cares what you think. Have you ever heard of “life boat theory?” Anyway, next time your feeling lonely on a Thursday night, drop me a line and we can go do something fun.