Saturday, October 02, 2004


I guess that an awakening is the ideal thing to happen, too long now have we
been sitting here oblivious to what is happening outside our little box. I
want to be happy about the idea of the “forty days” thing. Part of me feels
like this is just a polish on a decaying hulk. Where is that line? Sometimes
we need to deconstruct the current idea and move out of the corruption that has
invaded our religious system. I guess that I am hoping that this “post modern”
church thing will spill some light onto the corruption and greed that has
infected the church of today.
I do not think that buying (American consumer attitude) a workbook that is
prepackaged and comes with posters and the five steps to “attract” people into
your church is the answer. I feel like the change has to come from deep within
the heart and soul of a church body. It is not something that you can buy over
the internet. I guess that I want to look at today’s church and relate it to
the Catholic Church back in the day of Marten Luther. A church body that was
amazingly good but also amazingly corrupt. Is this just me being paranoid?
I just do not like the idea that church has to be run as a business. One of my
friends in Sherwood is a youth pastor at a church. Someone on the church board
decided that the church needs to follow the protocols of the business world. So
they are starting the “forty day’s” campaign as well, as part of that they
needed to have all the “department heads” attend EVERY planning session and
sales pitch. As a result, they had to cancel the high school group and some
other youth activities so that the youth pastor could attend the meeting.
There were five of these meetings, all exactly the same, just with different
times so that they could reach as much of the church as they could. This blows
my mind, first using a guidebook for the corporate world in a church, secondly
canceling church functions for a redundant meeting? COME ON!!
Tell me honestly that church today has not gotten so big that it has forgotten
its purpose, to love and help people. Why does it seem that people will not
“go to church” on their own? They have to be invited, why? Is it because
they are scared of church? How intimidating is it to walk into a room filled
with five hundred people all singing the same songs and talking the same way?
Tell me that we have not done a great disservice to ourselves by putting TBN on
the air to sell more “prayer cloths” and beg for “love gifts”. Arrrr how
maddening is it for me to talk to someone who has seen the crying TV people and
sent money than be scammed out of it. They ARE LOOKING!!! But what they find
is not true, or authentic or honest. It is a sham that has a polished
Christian finish on it. This makes it all the more harder for honest people to
present the gospel. It already has a bad taste associated with it. “When Bad
Christians happen to Good People Part IV”. Easy Matt, you are walking a fine
line of judgment that is not yours to walk.
I want to point my finger and say “here it is, this is why things are so messed
up”. Truth is that that is not my fight. I walk the path put in-front of me,
I fight the battles that God sets for me.

Small moves, small moves