Saturday, August 07, 2004

The "Starky" conspiracy

Well, I had an interesting meeting with a close-nit group of co-conspirators this last Thursday night. I was so excited to go that I started the day before making some “wicked good baked beans”. So the purpose of the meeting was to discuss what we felt about Church, and what we wanted to do about it. I got there a little early to simmer the “wicked good baked beans” and have a little catch up chat with Shrek and Fiona (the names have been changed to protect the innocent).
The night turned out to be something amazing, imagine a group of intelligent people sitting around, drinking some Rolling Rock, eating BBQ and “wicked good beans” and discussing a common goal that they are all passionate about. It gave me one of those full body shivers.
I feel like I am at the start of a grand adventure, one that has no clear end in sight, but the journey will be one of epic proportions. I feel like I just woke up in a strange land and I find that I am not alone but have stumbled on a group of people who I have instantly bonded to. This group is not afraid to bring up tough issues, not afraid to question the accepted norm, there was a level of deep honesty that I could feel. Perhaps it comes from the outside pressure. I can feel the tension also, we were afraid. What were we afraid of? We were afraid of what the response of Church would be, would they brand us heretics? Subversive, rebellious, impetuous youth? Or just plan old church splitters? There is always fear when you step out from the established way, especially when it comes to religion. How many times has Church seen its youth swept off in some new craze only to end up drinking poison in some South American jungle?
I know the heart of this group, and I know that this is not what we want; we want a partnership with Church. We want understanding, someone to say it is OK to pursue God in the best way you can, and if we are not helping let us know how we can. What we fear is the reaction “that is not the way we did it so that is not the way it is done”.
I think I had a little taste of this when I went home that night. I played a “nooma” video for my mom and dad (you should watch them all if you have not yet) it spoke volumes about what I was feeling. It sparked some most excellent conversation with my parents. I am looking forward to just being able to speak my mind. I want someone to question our goal and intention. We will see where it goes from here.


liz hughes said...

shrek and fiona, huh? hmm...i wonder who it is! full body shivers are great. they tell us we're onto something super good. i like that: we want understanding, someone to tell us it's ok to pursue God in the way that is best for you. amen!