Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kite Runner

This is an R rated post. Fair warning.

I remember from some dusty part of my mind a quote something to the effect that Travel is counter to prejudice. I took it to mean that travel will open your mind, perhaps even cure a few racial prejudices that you may have been harboring.

This travel to this place has done quite the opposite. I had no real high opinion of the local population, not a disapproval either, just a feeling that it sucks to be them, that they have been hurt much. It’s a hard life and I feel bad about it.

I was talking with our interpreter the other night, we somehow got onto a very random subject, but it really lit me up and made me think. We were discussing children and I learned that in this culture, its socially acceptable to rape a child as a form of punishment. I understand that people are fairly fucked up. People as a whole are a deprived bunch of animals. I understand that people’s idea of rising children differ from parent to parent. Some may think spanking is abuse, others use it as teaching for a child, depends on your own perspective.

I used to think it was a global idea that fucking an 8 year old in the ass is wrong. Turns out I was incorrect.

Here, a good ole ass rape is a step more sever than a spanking. It is a socially acceptable form of punishment. Perhaps I am just ignorant. I know that it happens to children the world around, but usually is met with social outcry when it is put under the light. It’s criminal. It is “wrong”.

I hate this place. I am starting to hate the people. I know its general, broad, a sweeping statement. There is not a lot of good in this place. I fear that there is not a lot of good in the people. I would not trade one of my Marines for any number of them. Yes I am making a judgment call. I am placing a value on a whole people group a dangerous thing for a mortal man to do. I never said I was anything but an ignorant human. But this place is wrong.

I can not bring my heart to love these people.


t. said...

I have heard this before. It's truly one of the most depressing ideas ever to enter the world of parenting. Abuse is all to often cyclical.

It is nearly impossible for this to not shade my entire opinion of the people there. At least, the men who do this. I wonder if the women do it. I wonder how old a child gets before he does it to his peers as a show of power. I wonder most what it would take to get it to stop. And moreover, what it would take to shift the culture so that not only the behavior stops, but the mentality that spurns that behavior stops as well.